kheti_315 I am Mandeep Singh from Village Ashakpura, Punjab. I am a graduate and I work as a senior manager in Yes Bank. In my family, I have my wife and my son in the family. I have taken up farming as a hobby. However, I wanted to do something different in farming and hence after initial doubts I took up poly net house farming technique. Now I have achieved considerable success with poly net house farming. I do farming on 41 acres of land in which 16 acres are mine and rest is on lease. The poly net house which I have is spread over one acre and I grow Seedless Cucumber, Tomato, Capsicum, Coriander and Spinach in it. On another 2 acres I grow Peas, Okra and Pumpkin. It takes 4 months for crops to mature in poly net house vegetables, so this means three times crops can be grown. For all the vegetables, I use seeds of East and West Company only. I use organic fertilizers only. On 1 acre, I grow wheat for household uses. On the remaining land, me and my brother grow paddy and wheat jointly.

I started poly net house farming 2 years ago and the total cost for setting up was Rs. 1850000 for one acre and I got Rs. 750000 as subsidy from the government. But the poly net house can yield an income of 5 to 6 lacs per year. I have employed a permanent work force for the poly net houses work. I have modern agricultural implements such as Tractor (Farmtrac 60 ETI), Trolly, Bed Makers for Poly Net house, Leveler, Seed Grill, Rotavator and Ripper.

I want to take up Peas farming on the large scale. I have started with Marigold plantation as well this season and if I find it profitable I plan to do it on large scale as well.



41 Acres (16 own + 25 on lease)


Seedless Cucumber, Tomato, Capsicum, Coriander, Spinach, Peas, Okra and Pumpkin.


Tractor (Farmtrac 60 ETI), Trolly, Bed Makers for Poly Net house, Leveler, Seed Grill, Rotavator and Ripper.


Poly Net House Farming.

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Message to Farmers

My message to farming community is that you should use organic fertilizers for farming and you should avoid using non organic fertilizers and insecticides because they are not good for health. We can get more profits from organic farming techniques as compared to non-organic. Farmers should also start growing vegetables and break free from the wheat and paddy cycle.


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